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on dreamwidth
I cross-post just about everything from there to here and am active at both places.
Fandom seems so spread out these days, that I consider both these places to be my home.

This journal is mostly fandom type stuff.
I post a lot about the shows I watch.
Especially Once Upon a Time.
But in general I am multi-fannish.

I post icons that I make.
I post a lot of reaction posts.
I've recently started writing and posting fic.
*I generally only post my fic to DW and AO3*
Most of the fic I write at the moment is OUaT fic.
I occasionally post about books.
I also post about writing and about artsy crafty stuff I do.
I really post a lot about Once Upon a Time.
Especially Captain Hook.
Captain Swan is my OTP and I don't usually have OTPs.
I'm kind of obsessed with Once Upon a Time right now.
I watch a lot of other shows though.
My current list of shows I watch is here...

Also if it is at all relevant: I am well over 18 years old.

“You ever wonder if this constant pursuit of revenge is the reason we’ve no one who cares for us? I mean, when all this is over and I know the Crocodile is dead for good and all…I’ll have nothing to look forward to. My life will be empty. Revenge may sate your being, but don’t misunderstand me, my dear. It’s an end, not a beginning.”
~Captain Hook
OUaT: The Evil Queen 2.20

i do love books

***Landcomm Love***

Team Bunny Ears
team bunny ears

Team Swan
Team Swan

I also make Icons

5th place artist's choice once20in20

***Rules for icons and other graphics that I make:
Don't Hotlink.
Don't Claim as Own.
Take & Comment or not as you wish.
Credit is Nice but it's okay if you don't.

Once Upon a Time Mood Theme by: etherealnetwork

Resources used in my own icon making:

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